Father’s Day

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To all men who helped a child’s life grow one step higher. To all the men that loved their wives and cared for them. To all men that a child looks at and tears of joy blur their eyes. To all the men that have never discriminated a child because of anything not of their choice. May LOVE follow you all the days of your lives. So, growing up for my brothers and I hasn’t been all flowers. We had to be put into situations hard enough for a child early in life. And I have a few friends whom we share such stories. It’s such days that I remember all the men figures that built the man I am and those that helped a long to see my brothers and I relate to who men are. It’s so easy to lose identity and love if one’s childhood isn’t well catered for. And so today I remember these men: The late Mr. Ahoya, my primary school headteacher who introduced computer studies for the first time in a public school. For this reason, I took part in the first ever exhibition at the ASK show on the power of computers in […]