How Does God Promise?

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A writer once wrote, if you want to be a writer, write. It’s been a while since I pieced together my thoughts. I took sometime this Sabbath to have a moment with God. (Written in February 2017) I must say as a Christian, the walk hasn’t been easy. I haven’t done so well. And I know I would do better. So today I took a pause and chose not to be predictable and normal with my Sabbath errands. But this weekend had long painted as different from the others since last weekend. Much was to happen. But God has his plans. So as I pen down today’s piece, that’s my current state. Dressed up but not going out. Rested and refreshed. Hanging out with my brother. Big brother. So as I laid this morning on the couch, an easy day, I turned to a sermon by Randy Skeete: God and God Alone. It would be my third time to listen to it. You can find it on I had had quite some heavy breakfast and heard lots of music. And as noon was drawing in I fell asleep somewhere between listening to the sermon and it’s close. Not to […]

When you expect so little

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When I went to bed last night, I had much that I couldn’t resolve in my mind. I remembered the words I had shared with a few of my friends that evening and still much remained to desire for tomorrow. I mean, the normal stuff would well fit an excitement to think of tomorrow but still something lacked. I wouldn’t share much what it was in my mind. Personal. I slept quite late. I thanked God for the Sabbath and quickly sleep took over. When morning was yet to break, I woke up but still lazy to get up for prayer and so I reasoned with God and somehow found a reason to pray casually. Bad move. I then read through the devotional while tightly tacked in my bed. Up to now am sure you’re wondering what’s so special about what am writing. Keep calm. Read on. By all reasons, this morning was heavy on me. I had no taste for huge congregations. I toyed with the thought of having a “home church”. Perhaps I would then have good time to think over what’s really in my mind and come to some worthy conclusion and resolve with Jermin. Even as […]