A Selfless Selfish Call

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30 days to go and this is what I am thinking about! Over the weekend before the time of my penning down, I heard from a preacher friend of mine and one of our patrons at The Instruments, Pr Mochoge. He delivered the word at my brother’s wedding and brought it clearly the issue of husbands and wives submitting one to another. More often it’s the woman submitting kind of talk we get when Ephesians 5 is discussed. However, at the very start of this subject in verse 21 it’s the keynote start to the address. “Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of the Lord.” Mmmmmh. It got me thinking to take a deeper look into the passage. And lo! I was opened up to a study I never took before, especially now. This explains my write today. This is what is on my mind. My marriage to my fiancée, my best friend, my equal and my love. Days running up to any kind of wedding are crazy days. One can easily pass out from anything. Especially thoughts and running up and down. You see, Loise and I have had crazy times for the past few days and […]