The Higher Calling

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So something has been running in my mind for quite some time now.
And it dwells on Contentment and Godliness.
In almost all spheres of life there’s something called a rat race. A vicious cycle from which we seem to never escape from. Maybe a few do but many get stuck in one or another.
But today I will focus on relationships. Yes, relationships.
So, a while back I got myself asking like any other Maboyz would do, where am I headed to with this marriage thing. Nothing seems concrete and yet for sure 2016 has been trending with weddings! Personally the costs I incurred was much but never will I regret standing by my friends. While it would have been a down payment for some investments, I believe I did put a good investment on relationships. Friends that money can’t buy. I thank God for the experience.
But that’s not what am writing about. No. It’s about the tragedy we getting ourselves into. There are many virtuous women and equally blessed men. But getting to connect the two has bore many heart breaks and disappointments. Personally and many young people hate these experiences, unfortunately we still meet them with every promising connection. Friendships are put at risk and many break when marriage is not achieved. Perhaps it’s me witnessing alone but I have seen in many and personally too. It’s not like am advocating for singles to avoid getting into any relationship, no. I encourage that but in a right way.
I stand now in a school of thought that breaking a relationship that was geared to marriage shouldn’t label the two enemies. My desire is a higher calling. A higher relationship.
I remember sitting in a cab with two of my friends talking. They were ladies. The driver and I were men. So a conversation started and one of my pals asked me quite a direct question: Are you dating or seeing someone?
Maboyz get these questions once in a while. Even from ladies that fit the bill for a date. But that night it was different. It made me speak to my heart honestly.
I won’t tell you the answer I gave. But I will share the experience I had. I realized am deeply hurting and in need of understanding of self. But an encouraging answer came, it’s a good place to be.
We all need to be broken and hurt once. To be in a place of questioning the deep beliefs of you, who you are and what you are. It’s a time that you go deep to yourself and ask the right questions.
So that opened up myself to myself and met with me and had a good talk over time.
But the main reason why I chose to pen down these thoughts is The Higher Calling.
I believe with this Higher Calling mindset, heartaches will be minimal. Friendships will be more. And many despairing men and women will be saved the agony, ulcers and heartaches.
Many men go on rat races looking for best wives.
Many women lower standards and go flaunting their beauty on Instagram and Facebook so that a good maboy can see her.
We all go on crazy stunts to make one see and “fall” in love.
The Higher Calling calls for radicallity. It says am content with myself and who I am whether I marry, get married or not. It says am still going to be a friend to him or her despite our breakup. It says a better relationship is one with God and man with no expectations of benefits from any. It says that one day I will be in heaven and it will be lovely to have all these Maboyz and ladies as neighbors and friends with Jesus as our best of friends and still no need or desire to call one your spouse. It says before you love me we must first love God. It says I will still be okay knowing that one day you’ll sleep in death with the hope of resurrection to heaven and even then my life shall be well in God’s hands. It says there’s no problem with 1000 marrying on my right and 10000 wedding on my left. It’s a Higher Calling.

It hurts me seeing single young men and women hurting and troubled with immeasurable anxieties on the subject of marrying. Welcome to The Higher Calling. Be content and godly. Eat upon His word. Be His friend. Struggle with Him in your prayers. Tell Him all that’s lovely in your day and all that’s annoying and making you angry. Talk about His love for you and that man that’s not even looking twice at you. Talk to Him about all your cares and heartaches. Tell Him of how you desire Him to dwell in your heart. Talk to Him of how it will be in heaven. He will come through to fill you with Love and happiness.
No stress. Chill. Aspire heaven than man. Have no sleep for wanting to know more about God but don’t lose sleep because of a spouse problem. Leave it all to Jesus. If He won’t let you marry him or her here on earth, still be happy for The Higher Calling. The Higher Experience. The Higher Beauty. The Higher Husband.
Look a little bit higher! And so long as you have your eyes fixed on Jesus, The Higher Husband, we all will be happy no matter what happens to us on earth.
Strait but happy.

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  1. Great thoughts there Jermin! Keep it up! Would appreciate more of such posts. Messages from the heart. Personal. Inspiring and something we can relate to because, after-all we are human…

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