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the_sabbath_dayTo my many friends you might find it weird my observance of Saturday as the day of worship.(its actually Sabbath)
You know, I came to love God and realized this love need not be superficial and a tongue based kind of love. You see, to me when He says do not covet, I don’t mince His words, He is clear. And since I love Him, I stop the moment my heart and body yearns to do that sin.
And why do I fight with myself and keep my eyes and desires in check? Because He clear said it and didn’t mince His words.
And His word clearly says that we know we love Him when we keep His commandments.
You see, coveting is just one of His commandments and the Sabbath is also part of the commandments.
If the Sabbath was to be any day then He particularly wouldn’t have had order in creating. He would start by blessing the first day before creating… Or rather blessed the sixth day before beginning creating man…
God is a God of order and He wouldn’t let us be disorderly in worshipping Him.
Sabbath is the seventh day and Saturday is that day, check your calendar… If its not the erroneous one…
Its the seal Hod put in time after finishing His work of creation and none can change the seal unless you can change the creator, can you?

Mathew 28:1, 27:62, Exodus 20:8

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