When you expect so little

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When I went to bed last night, I had much that I couldn’t resolve in my mind. I remembered the words I had shared with a few of my friends that evening and still much remained to desire for tomorrow. I mean, the normal stuff would well fit an excitement to think of tomorrow but still something lacked. I wouldn’t share much what it was in my mind. Personal.

I slept quite late. I thanked God for the Sabbath and quickly sleep took over.

When morning was yet to break, I woke up but still lazy to get up for prayer and so I reasoned with God and somehow found a reason to pray casually. Bad move. I then read through the devotional while tightly tacked in my bed. Up to now am sure you’re wondering what’s so special about what am writing. Keep calm. Read on.

By all reasons, this morning was heavy on me. I had no taste for huge congregations. I toyed with the thought of having a “home church”. Perhaps I would then have good time to think over what’s really in my mind and come to some worthy conclusion and resolve with Jermin. Even as I did that, I still got ready for church. By the time I checked my watch, it was ten! “Jermin that’s so late you can’t show up late! It’s not like you!” I kept telling myself.

Meanwhile I kept a conversation going on with my brother as I served breakfast. Then from the talk, I figured out that I might not enjoy the stay home. Not that we weren’t talking good but would miss the special gifts that the Lord showers on Sabbath. Plus I remembered it’s Pastor J.P Maiwa speaking today and man! It’s been ages since I last heard from him. And I had a special meeting that afternoon. I would like to mention here that much of my life happens around church. And missing a Sabbath makes me have a longer week at work.

The week has been hard and with much to demand. Behind the smiles and laughter a struggle ensued and if not careful we would easily wear away. So I needed to meet with family this Sabbath.

I will skip all the details of the road to church and go straight to today’s encounter with God: It can fill another article.

J.P Maiwa centred his sermon from Galatians 6:7-8 “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

Many times our focus is on the last part about sowing and reaping. But Maiwa focused on the word “mocked”. What is to mock? Ever asked yourself that question?

But how do we mock God? Mediocre sacrifices? Half-hearted participation in His work? Populist acts? Not dealing with needy cases in our congregations? Waiting on others to do a work while God has blessed you greatly to meet the need? How do we mock God? To mock or not to mock God both have consequences. You choose.

But what moved me, even my emotions, was his emphasis on the account of the betrayal of Jesus. Hours leading to his betrayal Jesus, though struggling with a burden too heavy to bear, never took occasion to speak a word of sorrow to his disciples and listeners until he got to Mt. Olive. Even then, he only mentioned these sorrowful words to James, John and Peter. His relatives and very close friend. And what did He say?

“My soul is exceedingly sorrowful”.

“I need your help. Help me pray”

At this moment, I knew I need to pull myself together and stand with God. He needs my help. I mean, this is strange. We all know and always pray to God for help with many things. But have we ever stopped to think of God needing help?

So how do we help God? Remember Mathew 25 where God separates people into two and says, “I was hungry… I was in prison… I was naked…” Today God is poor, naked, hungry, and in much need and is asking for help. Yet our love has grown cold. We quickly run to help those who can return the favour. How then, if we call ourselves his disciples, different from the others? Much to think about…

By the close of the morning I was grateful to have decided to come to church. I still had much to think about but this sermon and the singing by the Youth made the thoughts different. And so I headed for the special meeting with my brothers The Instruments.

So when I got to the arboretum we somehow couldn’t meet and so I decided to take a walk inside as I try figure out where they’re. What God had planned is way beyond my imagination. In the one hour or less of being alone, He spoke through the nature. Peace came into my me and the beauty in some secret places in the park felt heavenly. So out I took my phone and did my photography on the nature. I love photos and I endeavoured to get the best moments. It was wonderful!

Later when we met, we had such a powerful prayer session and I must say this completed my experience for the day. The singing, the praises and the scripture were all powerful and a blessing. Please keep praying for us as we also take up to prayer. The new album shall the more be a blessing. If possible mention these names in your prayers: Herman, Jeff, Mickey, Tom, Elvis, Sam and Jermin. God is working a miracle.

And so I would like to share the verses that God used today:

Mathew 9:29, Judges 5:23, Psalms 81:10, Psalms 46, 100:4, 150:6, Ephesians 3:20, Isaiah 65:24, 59:1-2, 1 John 5:14-15(Powerful)

We all love conclusions, right? Today I close saying: God is faithful. Prayer is all the weapon we have. However how many questions we have God answers when we pray. We may not mention rightly in prayer, but God listens through the Holy Spirit to every unuttered word. And finally, according to your faith be it unto you.

I woke up with little to expect from the day, but God had much to give and surprise me. So as Psalms 81:10 says, “Open thy mouth wide, and I will fill it!”


ZomboMeme02072016184533 02072016184533(Photo taken at Arboretum)

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