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DSC03185Pictures do speak a thousand words. We can all agree on that. But in photography a moment makes the difference of how many words you speak in a picture.

Even so, not just time decide the words to speak but the target. Whereas nature gives you all the time, men on the other hand are quite impatient and within a few seconds of posing will start complaining. From this aspect of photography, I learn that the kind of business you take up has different demands and different periods of patience. Some may be unforgiving.

Then again there is the tool you are using. It might be the best lens money can buy but on hands that don’t understand the power it has. It might be the best ideas by a photographer, but poor lenses. It can be a mix of both great ideas and tools but unfavorable subjects or environment. From this, I learn a great lesson. Capital might give you the best tools needed in business but if these are not well met with the right human capital, no one will understand the deficiencies. They both will be a bad picture. A bad business.

Then there is time. Time defines opportunity. With all the things needed to make a picture of a thousand words, without time, you cannot create that picture. As I learnt from a speaker this weekend, Success in anything demands Preparation and Opportunity. With all the preparation done, all the tools acquired for business, all the best human capital acquired; if an opportunity does not present itself, you won’t have best picture. You won’t have a business.

Within the story of a great picture, lies a thousand words of effort put into preparation meeting up with a great opportunity.

Then comes the other bit of no second chances. In photography, there is no second chances on the same moment. The second photo does not tell the story of a missed opportunity but another opportunity. You have to learn to move on from losses and missed opportunities. But as you move on you learn to be ready to click. Ready to take up the next a thousand words in a moment of opportunity. We all need to learn not to miss an opportunity. Always ready to take it up.

Having our cameras and lenses set in the best configurations for any specific environment or situation puts us with very good chances of taking the best picture when the opportunity arise.

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