A Selfless Selfish Call

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30 days to go and this is what I am thinking about! Over the weekend before the time of my penning down, I heard from a preacher friend of mine and one of our patrons at The Instruments, Pr Mochoge. He delivered the word at my brother’s wedding and brought it clearly the issue of husbands and wives submitting one to another. More often it’s the woman submitting kind of talk we get when Ephesians 5 is discussed. However, at the very start of this subject in verse 21 it’s the keynote start to the address. “Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of the Lord.” Mmmmmh. It got me thinking to take a deeper look into the passage. And lo! I was opened up to a study I never took before, especially now. This explains my write today. This is what is on my mind. My marriage to my fiancée, my best friend, my equal and my love. Days running up to any kind of wedding are crazy days. One can easily pass out from anything. Especially thoughts and running up and down. You see, Loise and I have had crazy times for the past few days and […]

How Does God Promise?

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A writer once wrote, if you want to be a writer, write. It’s been a while since I pieced together my thoughts. I took sometime this Sabbath to have a moment with God. (Written in February 2017) I must say as a Christian, the walk hasn’t been easy. I haven’t done so well. And I know I would do better. So today I took a pause and chose not to be predictable and normal with my Sabbath errands. But this weekend had long painted as different from the others since last weekend. Much was to happen. But God has his plans. So as I pen down today’s piece, that’s my current state. Dressed up but not going out. Rested and refreshed. Hanging out with my brother. Big brother. So as I laid this morning on the couch, an easy day, I turned to a sermon by Randy Skeete: God and God Alone. It would be my third time to listen to it. You can find it on lavingtonsda.org. I had had quite some heavy breakfast and heard lots of music. And as noon was drawing in I fell asleep somewhere between listening to the sermon and it’s close. Not to […]

The Higher Calling

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So something has been running in my mind for quite some time now. And it dwells on Contentment and Godliness. In almost all spheres of life there’s something called a rat race. A vicious cycle from which we seem to never escape from. Maybe a few do but many get stuck in one or another. But today I will focus on relationships. Yes, relationships. So, a while back I got myself asking like any other Maboyz would do, where am I headed to with this marriage thing. Nothing seems concrete and yet for sure 2016 has been trending with weddings! Personally the costs I incurred was much but never will I regret standing by my friends. While it would have been a down payment for some investments, I believe I did put a good investment on relationships. Friends that money can’t buy. I thank God for the experience. But that’s not what am writing about. No. It’s about the tragedy we getting ourselves into. There are many virtuous women and equally blessed men. But getting to connect the two has bore many heart breaks and disappointments. Personally and many young people hate these experiences, unfortunately we still meet them with […]

Father’s Day

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To all men who helped a child’s life grow one step higher. To all the men that loved their wives and cared for them. To all men that a child looks at and tears of joy blur their eyes. To all the men that have never discriminated a child because of anything not of their choice. May LOVE follow you all the days of your lives. So, growing up for my brothers and I hasn’t been all flowers. We had to be put into situations hard enough for a child early in life. And I have a few friends whom we share such stories. It’s such days that I remember all the men figures that built the man I am and those that helped a long to see my brothers and I relate to who men are. It’s so easy to lose identity and love if one’s childhood isn’t well catered for. And so today I remember these men: The late Mr. Ahoya, my primary school headteacher who introduced computer studies for the first time in a public school. For this reason, I took part in the first ever exhibition at the ASK show on the power of computers in […]